Social Zone

The social zone provides our children with opportunities to develop skills for learning, life and work. Children take part in various experiences such as baking, planting, growing and sewing. These experiences offer vast learning opportunities for children and form a connection to real-life experiences.

Children are able to use their independence throughout this zone and are encouraged to try new things and be creative with their learning. From this, children develop self-confidence and can reflect on their experiences. The resources provided are multi-functional and open-ended, providing limitless opportunities to express creativity. Throughout this zone, children play a pivotal role in structuring their environment and by doing so they feel empowered and motivated to proceed with their learning.

The opportunities within this zone support children to build relationships and work collaboratively whilst learning real-life skills. Children’s learning is extended outdoors, where they are given responsibility for growing and looking after our allotment and using the produce to cook and bake new things. The natural experience enhances children’s knowledge of the world around them and gives them an insight into real-life experiences such as environments, society and economy.

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