Creative Zone

The creative zone provides our children with the knowledge and skills to broaden their artistic skills. Exploring different ways in which art can be formed such as, clay, playdough, observational drawing and transient art.

Children’s artistic skills can also be evident through music and dance. Through using various provocations, we invite the children to find out more about what they are interested in and further their curiosity and creativity.

Children are able to express themselves and use their imagination to create something new and original. Opportunities to explore creativity are provided, enabling children to reach their full potential as creativity is learning at its most powerful. This gives children the skills to adapt to any given situation and explore different and new ways of doing things whilst seeking a solution.

Our creative zone expands outdoors to allow children a more open environment and provides fresh air, which acts as a stimulus for creativity. It encourages children to use natural materials which lend themselves to the creative process. Our natural environment offers diverse opportunities and inspires children to use their imagination.

Throughout this zone, children learn from one another, share ideas and boost each other’s creativity and confidence. They are able to experiment and reflect on situations helping them to explore their potential whilst supporting and challenging them to grow as an individual.

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