Imagination Zone

The imagination zone provides our children with the opportunity to be curious, creative and innovative as they investigate and discover a world where they can explore their thoughts, feelings and ideas through play.

Children are encouraged to further develop their creativity, confidence, independence and learn new vocabulary through the use of loose parts and open-ended resources. Open-ended materials enhance creativity and by utilising them in the right environment children explore and problem-solve. Through play, children participate in real-life situations and practice social interactions with others whilst building essential life skills through role-playing.

Children are able to explore their imagination through the use of storybooks. By reading to children and encouraging them to read on their own stimulates the imagination. We provide stories and props that provoke children’s sense of curiosity, fantasy and exploration.

Our inter-connected environment allows children to continue their imaginative play outdoors enhancing rich learning opportunities. Children investigate and explore the natural environment and their curiosity grows naturally. Throughout this zone, there are endless opportunities for children to display individuality and uniqueness enabling them to express themselves and reach their capacity and potential.

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