Discovery Zone

The discovery zone provides our children with the opportunity to plan and assess their play. Children are able to develop their risk assessing skills, coordination and imagination through the use of the discovery area.

Block play encourages children to take turns and share materials when working together to create something. Through this, children develop relationships and learn to work collaboratively. When building, children become more focused and their attention span may increase. Block play requires children to use their fine and gross motor skills. Children are able to express themselves through the discovery zone by inventing something unique or original.

Children are given the opportunity to use real-life tools to create models and develop an understanding of health and safety. This real-life experience allows children to create and follow a plan or blueprint for their experience and research buildings around us. It provides children with information about the process of creating new things and develops a natural curiosity for the world around them.

Our free flow play allows children to independently choose to move between indoors and outdoors, this enables children to fully embrace the environment.  Our outdoor environment encourages children to be enthusiastic, adventurous and provides opportunities for risk-taking. Children are able to explore freely and safely; however, they are given the opportunity to manage risk and make their own choices. Our outdoor discovery area encourages curiosity through observing natural habitats and exploring the world around us.

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