Family Engagement

Family engagement is at the heart of Spateston Early Learning and Childcare Centre. We value parents as the child’s first and most important educator and encourage this active role throughout a child’s learning journey with us.

We recognise the importance of families and practitioners working together, this connection is a key component to support a child’s learning and development. Through a shared partnership, we can support all children to have the best possible start in life.

We encourage families to join our Facebook page, where information and updates are shared. It is important to us that children’s achievements both within and outwith the centre are celebrated. Our Facebook page allows families to contribute and share any fun experiences or learning opportunities that a child has been involved in at home. This creates a true learning partnership with families where we view them as being an integral part of the learning process for their child.

Within our zones, we endeavour to promote family engagement. At each zone entrance, we have a display board that documents children’s engagement and learning throughout the zone. This is visible for families to look at and discuss with practitioners and their child together, this creates a strong educational link between the centre and the home environment.

Each zone provides home link opportunities, encouraging families to be an active part of their child’s learning. We aim to form a strong connection between home and nursery life.

We recognise and value families for what they do and hope that by working together we can build upon their knowledge, linking together to ensure children are supported.

We hope that we keep all families and children up to date on everything that is happening in the centre and we value all input. Our shared learning environment is of the highest quality when we all work together to ensure the best learning outcomes for all children. We value the uniqueness of each child connected to our centre. Within our inclusive and flexible environment children can develop their skills to make choices, know the decisions they make during their play are valued and can understand what success feels like as together their achievements are celebrated.

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