Den Building

Our children have been exploring different types of den building, they have used inventiveness whilst making enclosures and examining shape and size.

The children have used problem-solving and imagination to build dens of their interest.
Our garden has given space to create dens of a larger scale. The children enjoyed using the tarpaulin and lose parts to create a “huge den” and have worked together to create a space for imaginative play.

We are making a kitchen

I’m mixing the soup

It’s so big! Look I can jump and touch the top

We are hiding, I’m closing the roof

Children have been exploring the different dimensions of the blocks. Discovering how they fit together and building confidence using these for den building. They have used their new knowledge to develop their ideas creating more detailed spaces to play.

This is our dinosaur bed; it has a roof on it

We made two dens; you can crawl through

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