Bakers in the Making

Within our social zone, the children in the nursery have developed a keen interest in baking and they enjoy having the baking equipment and materials available so they can access these independently.

During baking experiences, the children have been able to explore different ingredients, where they come from and their textures, both wet and dry and they are able to see what they transform into when mixed with different ingredients, sparking their curiosity.

By taking part in these opportunities the children have been learning about the importance of food hygiene and safety and they are developing their knowledge of how to use a variety of kitchen appliances and utensils as well as expanding their baking terminology and language. Alongside this, they are developing an awareness of problem-solving and risk assessment, and they are naturally learning how to use sharp knives appropriately with the support of practitioners.

Throughout these opportunities, the children are developing their numeracy skills, while exploring different forms of measurement when using the scales, spoons, scoops, jugs, and cups, which helps to provide them with new mathematical language as they talk about weight, measurement, and quantities.

Communication and listening skills are being developed as the children learn to take turns and work within a group. Their confidence and independence skills are being supported as they have the opportunity to express their own thoughts, feelings, and ideas through group experiences. Throughout all the different processes the children have been delighted with their achievements sharing their bread and scones with their friends for snacks.

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