Our Philosophy

Within Spateston Early Learning and Childcare Centre we respect the individuality of all and nurture the skills and qualities they have. We support the thoughts and opinions shared and value how these can influence our approach. We believe that all should feel included and will ensure that with warmth and understanding we strive to achieve this.

Ensure that the environment indoors and out is a resource that our children are excited to explore. It creates an invitation for them to expand their curiosity and enquiry skills. Our children thrive as we develop within them a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world as they investigate the wonder this creates. Through play, they connect to familiar aspects of life at home and together we build on this to unify their learning making it both emotionally safe and intellectually challenging.

Create learning and development opportunities for our children to experience that are limitless. Together we provide them with the skills to develop their knowledge through the excitement of researching their interests to find out more. Practitioners inspire and encourage children’s wonder of learning and are proud to observe as they celebrate their achievements together. Play opportunities are rich, stimulating, exciting and fun. Children have the freedom to follow their interests with supportive adults who inspire further learning.

Make strong connections across our environment that link children’s learning and development to home, family, culture, and the local community. We ensure that we provide a unified approach to the opportunities and experiences we offer. Working together in harmony we ensure that together as one we strive for uniqueness in our approach to achieve the best outcomes for all.

Encourage children to share their thoughts and feelings using their creative minds to express their imaginative and creative skills. Having the freedom to explore, reflect and exhibit these through their learning gives them the opportunity to make connections and form an understanding of the world around them.

Make certain our children feel secure within the Spateston Early Learning and Childcare Centre community. Together we create for them a sense of belonging through the connections we have as a team which includes, all families, practitioners, and the wider community. Our inclusive environment provides a harmonious learning community where children’s social and emotional wellbeing is supported through the friendships they make.

Have early years professionals who are dedicated to the importance of their role in supporting children’s learning and development. We ensure that the knowledge and understanding they have about how children learn are visible within the environment and the flexible approach they have to individual children’s needs. Relationships with children are warm and loving creating happiness and security as they engage in meaningful interactions. Their ongoing professionalism is sustained through the qualifications they gain, and the impact further research has on their understanding of young children’s learning and development.

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