Learning by Playing

Our children engage in play that enables them to link and organise learning, which allows them to transfer these skills into their lives.

Research shows that mature play turns into mature work, which helps our children to develop skills for later life. Our high-quality team of practitioners helps children to embrace this and have a sound understanding of child development to tailor how they deliver the learning for individual children’s needs. We strive to build on the role families play engaging them in their child’s learning journey.

We know that children who are deeply engaged in real play are truly learning. Children need time, space, and people who encourage play so that it can flourish and develop with depth. Play is a powerful tool that we use to observe the learning children have been developing; it takes children to their highest forms of learning. It is a resource, which remains deep inside the developing child encouraging creativity, problem-solving, and imagination. These are all skills that lend themselves to the development of future learning.

Research shows that mature play turns into mature work

It was Froebel who took the natural play of children and gave it educational status. We want our children to be creative, caring citizens who have dreams and ambitions, and a spark within them, and are able to collaborate and make decisions for themselves.  As adults, we need to keep children in their world of wonder for as long as possible, not take them away from it before they are ready.  If we do not understand the value of real play then we are potentially inhibiting the next generation of would-be dreamers, explorers, doers, and makers. Play is at the heart of all we do.

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