Keyworker & Family Group

At Spateston Early Learning and Childcare Centre every child is assigned a key worker who works closely to support their interests and individual needs. The key worker is responsible for tracking children’s progress and development journey.

This relationship allows the key worker to get to know the child personally and developmentally and can support them in their personal, social, emotional and cognitive development. They will engage and support families to be involved in a child’s learning journey, ensuring that there is continuity of care and support. This familiar person is vital to ensure each child has a trusting relationship where they feel respected and safe.

As well as an individual keyworker, each child is part of a family group. Family groups consist of five practitioners who work collaboratively ensuring children’s learning needs are met across all zones. This helps us to provide continuity and support for our children and families. In each zone, there is a practitioner from a child’s family group to ensure that all progress in children’s learning is captured as they move around the zones.

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