We follow Curriculum for Excellence as our guide in assessing children’s achievements in learning.

This curriculum document allows children to learn through play and achieve their best through being active learners within an environment that encourages them to be confident individuals, effective contributors, responsible citizens, and successful learners. It is the documentation of their experiences that is crucial in establishing where children’s interests lie and how we can support them to make the appropriate progress in learning. Observations are key in getting to know each child as a person, recognising the things they like to do and what might be of interest to them.

Effective observations and documentation of learning enable our practitioners to focus on what children are interested in, curious about, what ideas they are exploring, and skills they are developing. Quality observations are the starting point of our planning process. We use the floor. Books, learning walls, and children’s individual learning journey books to record the journey each child makes exploring their interests, celebrating their achievements, and tracking their progress.

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